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She and her classmates often go to the zoo , Silk and other " street" , buy clothes on the "big market" stall .Carefully taste some attitude and reactions can vaguely see the shadow of its "brand of violence " once subservient or submissive .However, the reporter interviewed several mall, such a scenario can be seen everywhere : Down counter placed neatly , dazzling variety styles are very complete, and up to the counter to buy customers are few.If we say that children today are now many apparel ( wholesale ) market , for example, Guangdong Humen Fumin Commercial Street , Bo red knitted sweater wide taste of the new century the city of Harbin, Beijing Jia billion to taste Beijing s Fashion Square , and so business is booming , is the trend of the times , that this is the official start of the mall to truly appreciate a sense of crisis . Air Jordan 11 Fur AAA Pan Ho , general manager of Shanghai Light Plaza correspondents said , from the project that day , Hang Lung Properties decided this shopping center as a long-term investment , " for the simple reason that the future Shanghai will be one of the worlds largest commercial city , in so large commercial environment, definitely need a world-class luxury brand .

Air Jordan 9(IX) The reporter learned that many consumers said this year with the old coat can keep warm, especially young people , but also because of the warm winter more " beautiful frozen man" reasons.Chinese consumers are more willing to choose LOGO small but upscale full sense of the brand , buying luxury goods overseas purchasing and consumption patterns become mainstream in areas outside mainland China.It is said that women can not wait to Hangzhou has been opened in Hangzhou , Shanghai, ZARA first went shopping .

Air Jordan 2010 products as good as the Americans themselves , and both favored causes: Chinese consumers are more frequently mentioned durability and environmental impact .In addition Yunnanbaiyao , another day of cross- listed pharmaceutical company Pientzehuang also brisk performance .Some experts pointed out that Chinese consumers are largely save Europe , Swiss watches , designer fashion , jewelery , perfume , leather goods , along with China s growing spending power of tourists and gradual changes in consumer attitudes , as well as a luxury brand in many countries the importance of Chinese tourists has reached an unprecedented level.

To reverse the image, vintage determination to improve product quality and corporate image. Air Jordan Retro 9 Fast fashion into a leading richest train ZARA, Uniqlo the listCustomers can spend less than one-tenth of the price of the top brands , enjoy top brand design.Before 1994, few true luxury brand , is nothing more than Louis Vuitton , Chanel, Hermes , Burberry , Tiffany , etc.Economies of scale in terms of cost considerations and measures , the road is still very long VANGO convenience stores , which confused the national development strategy of expansion from the parent company .

Younger engage in heavy promotional clothing ingredients Youngor and Shanshan Shanshan Dodge apparel industry is diversified both samples .8 billionEuropes largest sporting goods manufacturer Adidas Germany - Reebok Salomon acquisition of U."The author in the big shopping malls and supermarkets rolled Qiqihar , find every mall has a monopoly area or desk mounted Mommy , clothing styles and brands a lot. Air Jordan Retro 9 " It is reported that the wealth Quality Institute has been three consecutive years , assets of high net worth consumers more than 10 million , ultra high net worth hundreds of millions of assets carried out by research, is the research included 15 cities from Beijing , Shanghai , Guangdong , Shenyang, Zhengzhou and Chengdu .Chinese consumers for such an ordinary department store PRIMARK basic detour straight PRADA, GUCCI store.

He pointed out that there are many factors in our lives and consumption is closely related to , without taking into CPI, such as prices , we now see is the price loosening signs of decline , was the fact that it is rose . Air Jordan Retro 9 Difficult to see a luxury brand of use across multiple industries , but also achieved the same success.When the " China " has become a symbol of luxury , when the consumption of " Chinese " luxury when you become a fashion , it will be the "China fever" sweeping the world of the real .Most of the new store Uniqlo plans are aimed at the booming Asian market, especially China , it plans to increase stores in mainland China in 100 , the annual increase in new stores in China Taiwan region 30 .Jingdong is the core competitiveness of logistics , Ali is the core competitiveness of businesses operating capacity .